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Instantly select a landing page, collect the data, register users, attach a funnel and do it again. Introducing the first fully integrated online sales funnel builder for a multi-day training system.

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Finally, a landing page system designed to get conversions. Introducing EntraFunnel from EntraLife. This “done for you" funnel system offers any online marketer the one thing he or she has been looking for:

A fully integrated landing page & funnel solution that converts.

EntraFunnel is a dynamic web based software that integrates landing page optimization with sales funnel solutions developed to do something that no other tool in the online space has been able to do. Designed by Jason McClain, a master of online marketing systems for over 20 years, EntraFunnel is designed to allow the online entrepreneur to:

  • Select a “done for you" funnel to promote
  • Select from over 500 fully Tested Landing Page designs for the Funnel you selected
  • Add your unique domain name
  • Capture Data from all users who enter the Funnel
  • Integrate with third party tools like Analytics, HotJar & Mouseflow
  • Place unique pixels and conversion tracking elements
  • Communicate with users throughout the funnel
  • See Reporting on user interaction within the Funnel
  • and much more.

No need to ever create a separate landing page just so you can collect the user data before redirecting a user to a sales page. With the EntraFunnel you can not only control the user experience, but also optimize and test the conversion path to help increase your ROI on your traffic.

"With the launch of the Entrafunnel system, your opt-in's to any “Done For You” Funnel are sure to see a major rise."

Jason McClain
Entralife - CEO

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Select a Funnel to Promote

Select as many different landing pages to test

Connect your email list to add your user to a list

Drive traffic and start earning money

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EntraFunnel offers a variety of predesigned templates to choose from that come complete with Jason's personal video showing the value of any done for you Funnel.

setting up your Entrafunnel is as easy as...

pick a Funnel that you want to promote

select from one of our custom templates

insert your api key for your chosen autoresponder

launch your EntraFunnel under your domain name

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About Us

When the founder of Entralife, Jason McClain, said “You can Live Life on your terms” he meant it. EntraLife was created to do just that. To give the tools and solutions to today’s entrepreneur to help him or her make the strides they need to make to achieve their dreams. As a transformational organization designed to empower entrepreneurship through technology, EntraLife, LLC is second to none. With an amazing strategic development, design in marketing team, Entralife seeks out to avenues to help online entrepreneurs take advantage of the internet to produce opportunity. Opportunity that allows its clients to life their life on their terms. Discover all that EntraLife has to offer.